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Making Mohair Fabric

Large quantities of animal fibers and furs are used in the manufacture of cloth. Sometimes they are used in conjunction with wool to produce special effects or to add extra softness, colour or luster.

Mohair comes from Angora goats. The silky, natural white fleece is spun into wool by the best spinners in the world. Then the factory does its magic and weaves the fine mohair into a cotton backing. This process helps the fabric hold its shape. Several additional processes such as dyeing, brushing, and distressing, turn it into various styles each lending a different look to your creation.

Mohair comes in over 20 shades of brown and a wide range of other colors. Hair lengths range from 3/16" to 1 1/2". Generally, the longer hair lengths are best on big bears. The pile is characterized as regular, dense, extra dense, sparse, feathered, curly, swirly and any combination of those.

Through the years, mohair has been used as a fashion fabric for men's and women's clothing. as an upholstery covering and for the manufacture of rugs and wigs for theatrical purposes. Because both the supply and use of mohair for the manufacture of different items are limited, mohair is generally more expensive than wool.




Mohair prices are quoted in Canadian dollars by the fat quarter which is equivalent to 1/4 yard. A fat quarter is a piece 18” x 27”. This makes it easier to lay out your pattern pieces.

A fat quarter will make a teddy that is 16” or smaller. Although the prices are quoted by the fat quarter, you can buy larger quantities. Two fat quarters is equal to 1/2 yard. Mohair with 3/8” or shorter pile available in fat 1/8 yard or 9 x 14” pieces on request (individually priced).




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